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Javier Ruigomez, Nekane Legorburu and Javier Arizmendi shared their vision on image rights and taxation in the WFS

The World Football Summit ended its highly successful run in Bilbao yesterday with a riveting round table and the participation of Javier Ruigomez and Nekane Legorburu from Bufete Barrilero y Asociados and the ex-footballer and asset manager Javier Arizmendi. The round table was blessed with an audience of entrepreneurs, authorities, sports personalities and business people closely connected to the booming sports industry.
This edition of the World Football Summit has been a veritable international reference event in Bilbao, not only as a driving force for businesses related to football but even more so in the opportunities for networking created in and around the many people interested in the football industry, in the quality of the round tables and in the debates arising therein. Undoubtedly, for two whole days Bilbao has been at the very centre of ‘Planet Football’.