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The World Football Summit starts today

The World Football Summit (WFS), the international reference point for the football industry, celebrated its Inauguration Day in Bilbao with the participation of a great many entrepreneurs and football agents, all of whom are incredibly active when it comes to launching this networking platform whose aim is the promotion of new business to do with the football industry.
Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, which supports the WFS by way of Barrilero Legal Angels, is playing the major role in the event, not only in the round tables but in the networking supporting entrepreneurs as well. Alberto Ferreiro, a partner at the firm, was a member of the WFS Startup Jury at the opening ceremony. This challenge involved eight finalists defending football-related business projects.
The finalists, among whom were representatives of many European countries, presented proposals to do with social media, communication,  image rights and sponsors. At the second day of the WFS Javier Ruigómez and Nekane Legorburu discuss players’ image rights and the subject of taxation.
Congratulations Firstvsion for winning the startcup today!