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This event commemorates the first circumnavigation of the globe by Juan Sebastián Elcano, one of the decisive steps on the path to globalization.
Bufete Barrilero y Asociados supports Horizonte Elcano. The event, held on the 6th and 7th July, commemorates the first circumnavigation of the globe by Juan Sebastián Elcano in the 16th Century. On both days there will be a grand maritime gathering sailing along the Basque coastline from Getxo and Hondarribia and finishing in Getaria: Elcano’s birthplace. The Spanish Navy Training Vessel, the Basque marine will accompany the nautical rally on this journey along the Basque coast. Many hundreds of other vessels are expected to accompany her. The event will end with a gala dinner in Getaria alongside many other exhibitions and commemorative workshops in memory of Elcano.
For Bufete Barrilero y Asociados taking part in this event is a way to celebrate some of the values inherent in the voyage of Elcano; tenacity in the face of adversity and the capacity for innovation. The circumnavigation in the 16th Century represented a decisive step on the path towards globalism. The firm takes the view that many of these values are thriving in the present day in the realms of business and the legal profession. Horizonte Elcano is encompassed within many other commemorative events in this quincentenary of the first ever circumnavigation which, supported by the Spanish Culture Ministry and the Basque Government among many other institutions and businesses, to be held throughout the year in a variety of locations.