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Bufete Barrilero y Asociados collaborates in the 4th itSMF colloquium on IT management and governance which will be taking place in Euskadi. Samurais or ninjas: Which is the best solution to solve any IT problem?

Wednesday, November 16th, at Deusto University, The Commitee for itSMF Basque Community in collaboration with Deusto University will host the fourth edition of the colloquium: Samurais or ninjas: Which is the best solution to solve any IT problem?

The colloquium is open to any professional and its main goal is to promote the sharing of experiences on IT management and governance. For the first time, the colloquium is integrated in the European Week for Advanced Management.

At the colloquium it will be analyzed which are the advantages of the “samurai system”, a stonger and more structured system and which are the advantages of the “ninja system” a lighter and more flexible system. Moreover, they will determine if the two systems are compatible and how can either of the two can be used.

Date: Wednesday, November 16th.
Time: 8:45 to 13:30
Location: Deusto University, La Comercial building, Icaza Auditorium.

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