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Eduardo Barrilero in Expansión: “Surviving Spanish industries are the heroes of our days”

In an interview given by the General Manager of Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, Eduardo Barrilero makes a plea on behalf of industry and states that “surviving Spanish industries are the heroes of our days”. Being ahead of events and evaluating all possible scenarios, -says Eduardo- are the two key factors to achieving success in business. Quality must be one of the strategic values which defines and defends Spanish businesses. The managing partner at Bufete Barrilero believes that investor interest in Spain has not waned, in fact, the relaunch of important corporate transactions has subsequently occasioned law firms to choose to create multidisciplinary teams capable of facing any transaction from any legal point of view. “Stasis no longer works”, he stated.

Throughout the interview, Eduardo Barrilero, analyses the current situation of the legal sector and he points out that “we have the best generation of lawyers ever and also the best generation of clients”. Barrilero believes that creativity is the way forward for the legal profession. For this reason, one of the main challenges facing the legal sector nowadays is “to create a favorable work environment where professionals are able to develop their creativity without limits”. The growth model on which BBA is based will continue into the future, he says, with a strong national presence and an international legal alliance which meets the needs of clients in their businesses abroad. Eduardo Barrilero defines the 25 years since BBA was established as ‘extremely rewarding’, with every goal up to now accomplished, and looking to the 50th anniversary he sees a “solid firm, which offers the most comprehensive services and is effective, flexible and agile”.

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From: Expansión