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Eduardo Barrilero: “We will be present in world’s main financial centres”

In a recent interview given to the Spanish financial newspaper ‘Expansión’, the managing partner of Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, Eduardo Barrilero, announced a plan of action for the internationalisation of the renowned law firm which will involve planned future presence in London, Latin America and Asia. ‘We have gone from advising family businesses to having many multinational clients on our books and we are establishing agreements with international law firms in order to seal our presence in the world’s principal financial centres,’ he stated.

Sr. Barrilero explained that the legal sector had been going through a marked period of growth in 2015 as a direct result of the improvement in the Spanish economy. He highlighted the fact that the areas of real-estate and administrative law are leading this growth. ‘We have seen a noticeable upsurge in movement in the Spanish real-estate market with an increase in foreign investment and much of our new client base comes from this area,’ said Sr. Barrilero.

In addition, Eduardo Barrilero was keen to point out the very high standards achieved by the law firm as far as gender equality in the workplace is concerned highlighting the fact that 40% of current members of the board are women, although in his opinion the legal sector in Spain still has a long way to go in this important area.

The interview also tackled the topic of the management of law firms. Sr. Barrilero expressed his agreement with the fact that it be ‘solely lawyers and not external managers who manage law firms.’ During the interview which took place at the firm’s Madrid office, Eduardo Barrilero explained in detail the main achievements of the law firm since its establishment in Bilbao in 1991 and expressed his confidence in the Spanish economy which, in his opinion, ‘is turning out far better than expected in 2015’ with transactions of much greater added value in the industrial and steel producing sectors.