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Javier Ruigomez and Julio Lecanda will be joining the APD conference talks on tax law.

Javier Ruigómez and Julio Lecanda, partners at Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, are speaking at the “Fiscal year 2017” conference, hosted by APD and held in Vitoria, San Sebastian and Bilbao.

These conference talks are held annually before the end of the fiscal year. The principal aim is to inform managers and lawyers of the most important tax issues in the Basque Country. This year the new regulation on Corporation Tax, modifications regarding the Basque Economic Agreement and  the tax implications of Parent Companies in relation to Asset holding Companies, are the three key issues which the speakers address.

New legislation on expenses deduction on Corporation Tax and new tax legislation for professional companies are also analysed in detail. The conferences are followed by a question and answer session.

Click here to see the schedule:

December 14th in Vitoria
December 15th in San Sebastián
December 19th in Bilbao