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José Ramón Mínguez analises current labor law issues in the conference hosted by ASIME in Galicia

The Metallurgical Society of Galicia (“La Asociación de Industriales Metalúrgicos de Galicia (ASIME)”) hosted a conference on Labor and Social Security Law in Vigo. José Ramón Mínguez, partner of the Labor Law Division at Bufete Barrilero y Asociados joined this conference and analyzed the top current issues on labor and employment law. He has a different approach from that of most of the rest of the legal sector in the field of temporary employment agreements as was evident in the result of the latest sentence issued by ECJ. According to Minguez, temporary employment agreements can be equivalent to indefinite employment agreements whenever there is a written valid cause for the termination of the agreement. This implies that there would be no indemnity.

Mínguez also mentioned cases of company subrogation, a point on which the ECJ has also recently laid down sentence in several company subrogation cases. He highlighted the need for extensive analysis on each and every case of subrogation (successive fixed-term contracts, public service activity reversion), as this is one of the main concerns for labor departments throughout the business world.

After the conference a round table talk provided plenty time for networking.