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Walking together towards the summit of mount Everest

Alex Txikon, sent this picture with the Bufete Barrillero y Asociados flag surrounded by sherpas and other members of the team.
Over the next few weeks the Basque mountaineer, with the support of Bufete Barrilero, is preparing a radical assault on the summit of Mount Everest in the middle of winter without the help of supplementary oxygen. In readiness for the expedition, Txikon has reached Mount Pumori ( 7,161m).
Recently, José Ramón Minguez, a partner at the established law firm, stated that “the values and principles of mountaineering, and more importantly, Alex Txikon’s team spirit, humility and his unstoppable burning determination combined with his renowned earnestness, are just a few of the reasons that led the firm to support him and his team on this expedition in the first place.
The expedition faces extreme weather conditions with temperatures down to 60 degrees below zero and powerful gales exceeding 150 kmh. So far Everest has only ever been climbed in winter once, in 1980, by the Polish climbers Wielicki and Cichy whose conquering feat made use of the supplementary oxygen which Alex Txikon is doing without.