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Corporate Criminal Liability Colloquium

Bufete Barrilero y Asociados and March JLT organized in Bilbao a colloquium on corporate defense in order to encourage companies to establish crime prevention protocols for companies and managers. Criminal law has suffered several changes on corporate defense; in fact, a recent ruling sentenced by the Supreme Court has determined that a legal person can be criminally liable. José Ramón Minguez and Julio Lecanda, partners at BBA spoke about this issue from the labor and criminal law point of view, respectively. As a matter of fact, Julio Lecanda explained that if companies adopted proper control and supervision protocols then these companies should be completely exonerated from liability. Besides, José Ramón Mínguez gave basic recommendations to managers and directors in order to avoid later bad surprises, such as knowing with certainty which is the existing legal relationship between the managers/ directors and the company or which are the possible consequences of bankruptcy. José Carlos Marcos and José Manuel Garay from March JLT and the President of Euskaltel and Innobasque, Alberto García Erauzkin also participated in the colloquium.