Since the beginning of the outbreak, the rapid spread of COVID-19 has been unprecedented, due in part to the virus’s own characteristics and essentially to today’s interconnected world.

The systemic nature is precisely what has led to collective global uncertainty which has compelled some of the world’s largest economies to adopt bold countermeasures, which involve the disruption of the workforce and is having a substantial impact on business continuity even leading to business shutdown.

Current events demand a firm response with a two-fold objective approach:

1. Economic impact mitigation

2. Structural reinforcement for the short term as well as the long term

Legal and economic relations have been fundamentally altered due to the following occurrences:

Social factors concerning fear and uncertainty which have triggered a significant decrease and a substantial change in consumption patterns.

External factors and governmental actions such as the adoption of numerous policies by virtue of several royal decrees and further sectoral and territorial resolutions.

As of March 13th, the following Royal Decree-Laws have been adopted:

Building the future

Appropriate management of the available human and material resources and the timely adoption of appropriate future-orientated measures will be decisive for the continuity of business, position in the market immediately following the crisis and even determine who survives

Today, more than ever before, all businesses must be future driven, and to this end all should at the very least be looking into optimizing the following pressing issues:

Solid all-round Support

The present events are severely affecting and challenging global businesses existing core and infrastructure. For this very reason we are confident that our expertise will help your business navigate these stormy waters, providing support for your decision-making bodies, so that they can adopt all the necessary steps with certainty and determination.

Remaining true to the values which are an inherent part of the firm in these difficult times, we can rely on our highly-qualified, dynamic and up-to-date teams of professionals who are here to assess all your options and anticipate every possible scenario to the very best of their ability.

Our core goal is to guide our clients on this journey into unknown territory so that they can revert to normality, or what will be the new normal, sooner and fitter, ready for the challenges of the immediate new future.