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Current issues in Labor and Social Security law 2019

The conferences organized by APD are held on February 5TH, 6TH , 12TH  and 13TH in San Sebastian, Pamplona, Bilbao and Santander, respectively. José Ramón Minguez, partner at the firm, is joining the conferences and is a speaker on current issues in Labor and Social Security law such as: labor law for the digital economy, contract law and relief contracts and the future of pensions. Every issue subject to debate will be followed by a roundtable debate.
The aim of these conferences is to analyze the new regulation in Labor and Social Security law, focusing specifically on the new legislation and jurisprudence. In addition they will evaluate the corporate implications in personnel management.
February 5th 2019 San Sebastian
Download the agenda (SS)
February 6th 2019 Pamplone
Download the agenda (PAM)
February 12th 2019 Bilbao
Download the agenda (BIO)
February 13th 2019 Santander
Download the agenda (SAN)