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Two young lawyers from Barrilero compete in the Human Rights Oratory competition held by the European Federation Bar Association

Two young lawyers from Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, Nekane Legorburu and Roi Darrieux have been chosen to represent the Biscay Bar Association in the International Young Lawyers´ and Law Students Human Rights Oratory Competition held this weekend in Poznan (Poland).
Nekane Legorburu and Roi Darrieux, two young lawyers from Bufete Barrilero y Asociados, are competing alongside other young European lawyers in the Oratory Competition organized by the European Federation Bar Association (FBE).
The European Federation Bar Association (Federation des Barreaux d’Europe-FEB) has its headquarters in Strasburg with 250 bar association members representing over 800,000 lawyers from the European Council. The Oratory Competition is addressed to young lawyers and students under 30 and is an excellent opportunity for young lawyers to practice oratory skills, learn to present a case to an international audience and to provide a valuable networking occasion for lawyers from different jurisdictions. The competition is the presentation of a speech on the “declaration of human rights” in English. The four finalists will compete in the final on the 30th June.
Nekane Legorburu is speaking on the right to privacy, which nowadays, due to the increase in new technologies, is very much to the forefront. The Barrilero lawyer focuses her speech on the key role played by this human right, the threats and violations and the challenges that institutions and TICS may face.
Roi Darrieuxl’s speech centres on the right to property.  The theme of his talk is the link between freedom, the pursuit of happiness and the right to property. Darrieux demonstrates how this right should be regulated, explaining the relation between the good, the individual, the State and others. The infringement of human rights, explains Darrieux, derives on numerous occasions from the disputes over the right to property, making it a basic right in establishing a peaceful society.