Alberto Ferreiro

Bachelor of Laws major, minor in Economic Law at Deusto University (1984).

In 1991 he joined Bufete Barrilero y Asociados as a partner, and he accepted the challenge of consolidating the Corporate Law Division as one of the pillars on which the Firm is based.

His practice of law has focused on civil, corporate and mercantile law. Special mention should be made of both his great ability to analyze problems within a general framework and to provide practical solutions bearing in mind all the branches of law since this is highly valued by clients.

Throughout his large professional career he has been the leader of all kinds of transactions, especially corporate transactions, restructuring transactions, mergers and acquisitions and refinancing, and litigious issues, but apart from this he has contributed his strategic vision to a very wide range of all kinds of matters.

As a result of his interest in art and his deep knowledge of it, he has a great prestige in this area, which has allowed him not only to be in close contact with internationally known public and private institutions but also to render them advisory services. Currently he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Reina Sofía Museum Foundation.

Alberto Ferreiro is responsible for the Mercantile Law Division of the Firm and coordinates all the offices in this area.

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