Since 2010, a year where legal persons started being subject to legal liability, Bufete Barrilero y Asociados has pioneered preventive penal defence within the business framework (i.e. corporate defence) with the ultimate aim of releasing or mitigating penal liabilities. Having this in mind, our Firm has carried out the implementation of Crime Prevention Protocols in an individualized way, customizing those protocols to the particular reality of each business organization.

The scope of our activity within this practice area encompasses all aspects of penal law, including sports law, a field of action which is becoming more and more important, and we render our services in all the stages of penalty proceedings in order to safeguard sports clubs and professional sport persons´ interests.

Within what might be considered as “classic” criminal practice, our team of professionals renders services in both criminal proceedings, either as defence attorneys or as private prosecutors, by delivering counselling services, representation services and management of legal proceedings.

"Commitment to full and inexhaustible dedication to achieving the very best defence for our clients."

Julio Lecanda

Bachelor of Laws Degree at Deusto University (1982). He started his professional career in the banking law area...
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Martín Bilbao

Bachelor of Laws Degree at Deusto University (1997). In 1998 he started his professional career practising law as...
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