Fátima Ochoa

Vigo Business Unit Controller.

Bachelor of Laws Degree from Deusto University, in 1989 she started her professional career in the fiscal and mercantile law areas of KPMG Estudio Jurídico y Tributario and in 1997 she joined the Legal Advice Department of Corporación IBV Servicios y Tecnologías, S.A. where she specialized in the provision of comprehensive mercantile advice to corporations operating in the area of information technologies where Corporación IBV was a stakeholder.

While working for this corporate group, in 1999 she joined Azertia Tecnologías de la Información, S.A. holding the posts of Head of the Legal Department and Secretary of the Board of Directors.

In 2007 she joined the Mercantile Law Division of Bufete Barrilero y Asociados. Currently she leads the Vigo branch, rendering high quality services to those clients located in the Northwest of Spain and Northern Portugal.

Besides these professional activities, she has also taken part in a large number of corporate transfers, corporate and assets restructuring, and family and corporate successions.

In addition, she renders on-going advisory services as legal advisor, and she is the Corporate Secretary of a large number of corporations.

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