Martín Bilbao

Bachelor of Laws Degree at Deusto University (1997).

In 1998 he started his professional career practising law as a freelancer by rendering his services to different corporations until the year 2008, the year when he joined the Penal Division of Barrilero Barrilero y Asociados.

During all the time he has been working for the Firm as a specialist in Corporate Penal Law, he has successfully managed very important cases having a great legal impact and a large coverage in the media.

Apart from the most usual tasks involved in the procedural defence of those cases entrusted by clients, while working at the Penal Division of the Firm he has greatly contributed to pushing ahead both the rendering of legal advice and the implementation in businesses and corporations of the most recent corporate penal defence, after its statutory enforcement as a result of the latest Penal Code reforms.

In addition, he collaborates as a lecturer on penal procedural law in the Master’s Degree for Access to the Legal Profession organized by Deusto University and the Vizcaya Bar Association.

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