"Extensive knowledge of clubs, federations and other sporting organisations allows us to give the best and most accurate advice."

The social relevance that sports law has acquired as of late is clearly reflected on the increasing number of people who practise it professionally, on the importance and impact of sport competitions and on the rules regulating them both nationally and internationally, but also on the wide range of persons (e.g. sport persons, clubs, agents, federations, associations, sponsors, business people) that someway play a role on its practice.

The knowledge of the different provisions that have a bearing on the sports area, together with their correct implementation and construction, the proper assistance in determining the rules ─whether legal or contractual─ that shall govern relationships among parties, or the required safeguard of the rights of each of the persons involved, are key elements to guarantee the required legal safeguards in practising sports.

Being fully aware of the above mentioned circumstances, Bufete Barrilero y Asociados makes available to all persons and entities carrying out their activity within the sports area a multidisciplinary team of attorneys that work at its Sports Law Division who are specialized on the different practice areas dealing with sports, in order to both offer solutions to all the questions raised and meet the legal needs arising within this area.


Gonzalo Grijelmo

Bachelor of Laws Degree at Deusto University (1990). He joined Bufete Barrilero y Asociados in 1991, and in...
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