"Reliable rapid responses to a global market."

Guided by our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit and international demands we at BBA took the decisive step to join them in the development of their respective businesses abroad.

Over the 27 years we have been in business we have formed extremely close links with a wide range of prestigious law firms not only at the European level but globally. We set up an extensive network enabling us to select the firms most closely in tune with our clients’ needs.

This network of contacts was the seed that turned into the International Desk that BBA has developed with various firms in Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia with the aim of providing the best comprehensive advice guaranteeing legal security for our clients with international presence.

Our ability to accompany our clients throughout the internationalisation process thereby assuming responsibility in all legal aspects gives businesses the freedom to get on with doing what they do best; run their business.

The search for and supervision of the very best law firms for each market makes relations based on trust that much easier. Much easier too is the management and exchange of information, opening a direct, vital line of communication with our clients.

In line with our dedication to excellence of service, each and every member of the International Desk shares in our professional values. All have been duly vetted by means of strict selection criteria.

Our collaboration protocol gives us a privileged overview of the economic reality of each country thus providing our clients with first-hand knowledge of the business opportunities and threats in each sector.

In Bufete Barrilero y Asociados we strive for that perfect alignment with the interests of our clients. We know that legal advice based on the premise of excellence is the very best support we can provide in order for business initiatives to successfully face the challenges of a globalised world.


Elisa Lemus

International Desk Business Unit Controller. Bachellor of Laws Degree from University of Navarre, in 2012 she joined the...
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